DH’s ex is trying to take him to court (he got a new job in late 2005). Her atty and even his claims that his child support will go from $300 per month to $500! I thought that the calculations were based upon 2005’s income! And DH isn’t making all that much!

Bottom line is that there is NO way we cannot afford this. (This is for ONE child…age 13). We have 2 children of our own under age 3. Everything they have is 2nd hand. We live very, very frugally. His ex takes this son to Disney 2-3x per year. They live lavishly. His shoes (many pairs) cost over $200. He has a plasma TV in HIS ROOM! He has everything you can imagine - always has. My children need new shoes. My eldest needs a new coat in the worst way.

DH and I get nothing for ourselves. We are trying to sell one car so we can make due on a one car (we live in the country - no public transit here).

Question is: Is there any free, or reasonable resourse we could turn to for support? Could we appeal the court to reduce this? Can we do anything at all? By they way, they live in another county.

Thank you for any feedback.