I am so confused I don’t know what to do.

I married a man 5 yrs ago who was divorced with a son 9now 13). We have 2 girls now under 3.

Two years ago, his ex hired an attny when my DH changed jobs. He left job #1 (which didn’t pay much) to job #2 which would initially pay half of what he made, but would have the opp of making a LOT (commissions) given some time. My DH made the mistake of calling her and asking her if he could temporarily give her less money for CS for a while. No way was the answer (of course).

Meanwhile, she takes her son to Disney World 2-3x per year. She owns 2 cars (she is not remarried). She has two homes. And yet she makes 40K per year (Daddy has big bucks).

Here’s my problem: DH’s job didn’t make it. So he got a better job about 6 months later. NOW, according to the state (we have an attny as well) we have to pay her nearly TWICE as much (he isn’t making ALL that much!)

My stepson has everything an ADULT could wish for). His SHOES cost over $200. And he has more than 1 pair!! He has a plasma tv in his room. He has every DVD/CD you can imagine. He’s always been indulged. ALWAYS.

My kids have the bare minimum. Nearly everthing is from consignment or from relatives. 99% of thier thier clothes are hand-me-downs. Most of thier toys are as well. We go to the library. We take advantage of free community activities. Oh, and I work part time. I’ve also rolled-over my 401K when I quit to be a SAHM (after my first was in daycare for her first year) and depleted ALL 20K of that to pay the bills to include DH’s child support.

We cannot afford this NEW amount. NO way, NO how. We already are trying to sell one of the cars, but even that isn’t going to help.

On top of this, DH is not willing to seek counseling with me BUT wants ME to attend therapy sessions with him and his son’s therapist! (His son apparantly has issues with the adults)

Point is: I, I, I am the one who will have to find a FULL TIME NIGHT JOB to pay the freaking bills! This, is in addition to being at home with the kids all day AND keeping my weekend job (which I love…this is important to me, as it may get me into the career I desire).

Oh, not to mention, I am sooo close to seeking a session with a divorce atttny myself. We’ve had marital problems since day one. He is the worst communicative person ever. I’ve sooo had it!!!

Thanks for listening. This really, really sucks. [:(]