Child support

With your previous posts, you have said the judge is against you and you can’t get a fair shake. Then in other posts you state you didn’t show up for a court date because you “just can’t win”. There is venom in your posts about the fact your ex makes more money than you. I understand you feel you are being “picked on” because you have to pay 1/2 of your sons’ extra curricular activities. If you do not want to pay 1/2 of the costs this is your way out. That still leaves you 750.00 to put toward living expenses. Your income is 70 some odd thousand a year. If this is not a living wage for you, maybe you should downsize. I want to give you a reality check, my income is just over 20 thousand (take home) a year. My ex is ordered to pay 500.00 a month (I do not count this in my income because he is 8000.00 behind). I have to pay 100% of ALL EVERYTHING… b-days, camp, sports, etc etc. Not to mention insurance, dr’s, dentist’s school costs, and all clothes. I had to give up ALOT in order to make ends meet. I drive a 7 year old truck, shop at consignment shops, and “make due” with some things that aren’t perfect. This is just one of the things that being a parent requires. It is life. I know you are going to say you wanted to lawyer to reply, but you didn’t ask a question, you just ranted. The way you present it, it does seem unfair. If a judge is consistantly unfair, maybe you should go to the ethics board and file a complaint. But be aware, the fact that you missed court dates will be consitered when they access you complaint. Your sons are almost grown, enjoy this time with them. If memory serves me, you have one son who will graduate this year or maybe next, then maybe you won’t have to worry about his “expenses”. Just to let you know this is my opinion. You may not have wanted it, but you put it on this forum, thus in essence requesting input.

I understand that I can “live” off my income! What YOU do not understand is that this man gets everything he wants! I understand that my income is more than some! But, when you have been livng with an income of almost half a million a year and are reduced to what I have been reduced to, it’s the same! I, too, shop at consignment shops! Yes, there is venom! He screwed around! And yes, I have to live with the fact that he has over a quarter million more than me per year! He took everything! For over a year, I had NOTHING! NOTHING! What is the use of me showing up for a Court date? 20,000 a month makes NO difference! Plus he has over a quarter million for the kids that he can use at his disposal! I’m 52. I am working full time! I could have made this much money if I’d worked for 30 years! Sorry you didn’t marry a man who makes a ton of money! I did and I get nothing! There aren’t many who make half a million a year! And who just WALK because the color of justice is green! So, go to hell!

I apologize if what I post makes you angry. If you honestly feel the judge was biased, you should look into filing ethics charges. It does suck that he has a bigger slice of the monetary pie. The difference between your “share” and his must be explained in the divorce. I am sure you have talked to your attorney about why you had such a disproportinate judgement.
I am not sorry I “didn’t marry a man that makes a ton of money”. I do not know if you are referring to my ex or my current husband. In either case, I am not someone who uses monetary worth to gauge mine, or anyone else’s value in life.
I will also disreguard your final statement, because I understand your frustration.

Unless he has had a change in income there is no reason the judge should reduce the child support. If there is an issue regarding the payment of extracurricular activites, the judge will address that issue in court.

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Ex has filed suit to reduce child support by 1/2. My income is 30,000 less than Court projected, but Court already decided this did not constitute a “change of circumstance”. I don’t know what the ex’s income is as unverified income was used at trial and not the income tax reports. The ex’s income is at least 250,000 more per year than mine. At least. My current income is 71,000 and the ex’s income is at least 350,000 maybe more. I receive 1500.00 per month in child support and was ordered to pay 50% of all extra costs for my child. The ex signs my son up for expensive things which I cannot afford and he refuses to reimburse me for costs that I incur. And I have no say. He is now claiming that since I don’t pay him, the child support should be reduced by 50% so he can “get his money back”. There is nothing I can do. The judge will reduce the support. I am sure of it. I’ve gotten nothing in this thing. Not even 50% of the property. Nothing. They aren’t going to stop until they have totally wiped me out. This man has $20,000 a month and I will have a little over 4,000.