To needing answers

I understand what you are saying—absolutely. I have joint legal custody. Yes, the ex is emotionally blackmailing me and abusing me financially as well. He has a judge who will do whatever he wants. After 20 years, I have had to return to teaching school. The income disparity between myself and the ex is over 20,000 per month. A summer camp that cost 4,000 is out of my range and economically, I can’t handle it. With the way the schedule rotates, I’ll only see my son for 2 weeks out of the summer. I asked the judge for a reduction in the percentage so that I would be able to afford more things for my son, but didn’t get it. According the child support chart, my percentage is 12% to the ex’s 88%. The amount of child support I receive is 5% of the ex’s income and 200 above the chart for the highest amount of combined income. The ex is signing my child up for whatever he can in order to bleed me dry. The judge has currently ordered me to pay him almost 3,000 and with the addition of the camp, another 1000.00. It is eating me up financially. Paying half of these expenses is nothing to my ex. It is taking about 30% of my income each month just to pay these things. It does not matter whether I agree or not to the things—it does not matter whether or not I even knew about them. And on top of things, the ex refuses to pay me for anything I’ve spent. He knows he does not have to because no one will make him. There is really no need for me to even receive child support. I’ve just got to give it back. And the ex is nickel and diming me to death. Charged me 5.00 for 3.49 merit badge booklets. I have to pay for tennis tournaments he signs my child up for ON HIS OWN WEEKENDS. There is no need for me have a lawyer. This judge is out to punish me—they are all in cahoots and there is nothing that I can do. Thanks.