Please Help...have court order!


If you have joint legal custody, regardless of who has primary custody, you are entitled to review all decisions and veto them if you cannot afford them. At least that’s what my attorney told me.


The judge in my case—as my case just gets worse and worse for me—has included in the final order that I have to pay 50% of all extracurricular activities for my son! I do not have the income my ex has! Ex has already been hollering for me to pay half of drum lessons–which I did not agree to–half of clothing and you name it! I have already written to you about this case–how it has cost me so much and how I have not made very many gains and now this too! What this means is that he can sign him up for anything he so desires and I have to pay half these costs! I will never see any money from him and if I don’t pay, he will have me in court because he can afford to take me there! He will end up deducting costs from my child support payment as he has done in the past! He makes 20,000 a month and when this thing is through, I will have 5,000 in my pocket each month because assets I need for my support will be used to pay my attorney! I got no attorney fees from the judge! This is awful and I just don’t know where to turn or what to do! Thanks for any help.