Child support


I have temp custody given to me by the court, this after i guess we can say now future ex-wife filed a false domestic abuse charge against me to try to get everything from me, they still granted her a restraining order against me as she told the judge she is fearful of her life, so of course they gave her one, but they gave me custody of the kids as she is homeless, and has not been with her kids in 3 years when she walked out the door, she has proceeded to have 2 affairs one when we were supposedly trying to make our marriage work, anyway all thats a long story and getting off subject, my question is since i was awarded temporay custody could i get child support from her now, since i am the parent with the children living with me. She does have a job now doesn’t pay much but she has gotten away with enough and its now time for her to live up to some responsability.


If your ex is gainfully employed she will likely owe you support for the children. You may file a claim for support in district court, or contact child support enforcement to assist you.


OK its me again same guy same story but another question, Since all this has statred and my wife found out i plan on going after her for criminal conversation and alienation of affection against the man she had an affair with, she now wants to settle everything out of court without lawyers as one she cant afford one and either can the guy she is with, but my question is if i divorce her, once the divorce is final do i lose my rights to go after them, or is there a limitation on both theses laws,…and i do plan on hiring my own attorney im not going even try to do this on my own, as i want everything that is coming to me and i want it down correctly. I’m just curious about these 2 issues now.


The statute of limitations on the third party claims is three years. You may still pursue such a claim after a divorce so long as any agreement you sign does not contain a waiver of those claims.