Children taken out of state without consent

If you don’t have a custody agreement or court order, then you both have equal rights to the children. He can take them and you can take them. Do you want to play tug-of-war?

I understand it’s upsetting and given your situation, money is non-existent unless you borrow from family. BUT the only way to remedy this is to file for child custody and quickly. If the courts know your ex took the children without your knowledge, AFTER you’ve had them for 2-4 years, then that will not look good on the ex. You need to tell them ALL your circumstances and history with keeping the children with you.

I do not know what the lack of housing and job/money will do with the short-term situation concerning custody.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. [:(]

You need to file an action immediately to have the court determine custody. Your husband

I am a mother of 2 children. Lily is 4 and Mason is 2. In early october, my ex husband who had moved to florida at the beginning of Feb of 2008, he came to NC and took our 2 children without my consent. My mother handed them over to him and they both lied to me. I was packing up my house for a move and my mother was watching my children that evening. Now he is telling me that I can not have my children back. The children have been in my care since the womb. He left the children many times. He recently told me that I would have to move back to Florida to get my children back. Since the friday night that he abducted them, I have suffered from a total loss of property from a house fire. And I also was fired from my job, even though I had a doctors note. I am at a loss and I have no income. I am trying to find out what my rights are and if he brings them back for the holidays, if I can keep them and not allow him to leave the state again with them. Thanks so much for your time and God bless!!!