Claim of equitable distribution

Is this a particular form? Can I do this myself? My husband and I can’t agree on anything from the house, my possessions he won’t give me that
are in the house, alimony and so forth. Been fighting for months and neither one of us will budge. It just isn’t going to happen.
How do I get this to get started? I have been laid off for the past 6 months and he is working part time so money can’t be spent on any litigation.
I just want the courts to decide so I can file for divorce and get out of this, but I want to make sure I get what is mine and he can get what is his, he
just wants it ALL and thats not happening.

Thank you.

Every attorney has a set of forms they use to draft complaints for their clients, including claims for equitable distribution. If you want assistance with drafting a complaint for equitable distribution, alimony and divorce, you should consider using Rosen Online. We can assist with forms and answering questions about filing for a monthly fee.