Clarification on Date of Separation

Date of separation is the date you stop physically living together. The separation agreement is not a necessity, and it only specifies what the parties agree to, not the date they separated.

Yes the date when you left but one thing I will ask you did you leave on your own or where you thrown out? big difference in this if you were this can be used in court read it in this site it will tell you.
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Greetings. First, what is a “madrid” of information - I have never heard that before and my vocabulary is usually pretty large…going to the dictionary now. LOL

The date of separation is June 1, 2005. The date of separation in NC is the date that either of the spouses stop living together and one of the spouses intended it to be permanent. Now, if you have signed a separation agreement with a different date of separation in the agreement, then you are likely going to have to use that date in your divorce complaint, since you already notarized that document, stipulating to the date of separation. If your separation agreement is silent as to the date of separation, then you use the actual date. Thank you.

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As I’m reading the madrid of information on your website, I am getting confused over the formal definition of date of separation. Specific to my situation, I and my 2 children left our maritial residence (after being asked to leave) on June 1, 2005; however, separation papers were not physically signed until October 3, 2005. Based on this scenario, which date is considered the date of separation, meaning did the “1 year clock” start ticking in June or October? Thanks for your assistance…

Winona G. Robertson