Lie about the sep date



Greetings. I am sorry, but I don’t understand clearly the facts. Can you please explain them a little better?

Remember that the date of separation can be a tricky date to establish. The date of separation is when you stop living together and one of you intends it to be permanent.

It sounds like you both disagree on the date of separation, if I hear you correctly.

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My Ex and her lawyer want me to lie about the date we seperated. She is telling me that we seperated in july of last year and I told her that we did not and we filled out paper work in nov last year. She is now telling me that her lawyer put the wrong date down and that it should have been in july. I told her then why did you sign the paper. I do not see her thinking here what is to gain from this lie. The out come will be the same. The only thing that I can think of is that if I did sign the paper this would take my suit with the AOA & CC and make it void due to the date.
My question is

  1. Can she do this and would she get in trouble[:D]
  2. Can the lawyer have problems if I was to say ok to this
  3. Can I get myself in trouble if I was to sign this paper saying that she left in july.
  4. If her lawyer can get in trouble for this should I have then fill the paper work out and let my lawyer get it and then we can take this to court and show that her lawyer has just lied as well in court [:D]
    This whole thing would be a lie because in september we went on a trip. Can you please help me with this.
    Thank you so much I just love this site
    Great help again Thank you