Cohabitation During Separation

I am the supporting spouse, and I am diligently trying to get my wife to sign the separation agreement (that we negotiated together) before I leave - but she does not seem to be in any hurry.

Anyway, I have already planned to move in with a friend to help defray costs during the separation. I am in no way romantically involved with him (I am a male) and want to know if this could potentially cause me problems - both in the case of the separation agreement signed before I move in, and also the case of it being signed sometime after I have already moved in.


We always advise our clients to get a signed agreement before they move out if possible to avoid protracted litigation. If you move in with a friend and keep your expenses low, this will give you a bigger ability to pay her postseparation support and may increase your liability to pay support if you end up in court.