Get pictures that will work or hire a PI but you maybe able to do it yourself [;)]. If they are staying in the same dwelling over night well do the math. This means from lets say 6pm and they wake up and at 6am hello they are not just sharing recipes and caking cookies.
I hope you get them and she loses her alimony. I do not feel that anyone should pay the other an type of alimony. Settle with the martial things and go from there.
Hope this helps out a little

Dear Rusty:

Cohabitation is living together in a relationship that appears to be one that is husband and wife (so with an unrelated male). It can be proven in a lot of different ways. Best to have your specific situation reviewed with an attorney and possibly hire a PI to document the evidence for you. Thank you.

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My alimony obligation ends if my ex cohabits. How is cohabitation defined, and how must it be proven?