Non-custodial parent is complying with (non-court ordered) child support agreement. Pymts are made in timley manner. Custodial parent holding child support checks and not cashing them. Custodial parent is trying to say non-custodial parent has abandonded children or either trying to frame non-custodial parent to court for contempt. Can any recourse be taken against the non-custodial parent? Should non-custodial parent continue to make sure child support pymts are made?

Payments should continue and the non-custodial parent should keep copies of the checks sent.

Can anything happen to the non-custodial parent if the checks are not cashed? Should anything be addressed to the custodial parent or leave it alone?

No, you cannot force someone to cash the checks.

Ok, non-custodial parent is doing what they should be doing by sending checks. Nothing can happen per your answer. Custodial parent cannot be forced to cash checks, what about the fact that the support pymts are not being used toward the children and what would be the “legal” reason the custodial parent would have for not cashing the checks?

There is no legal reason, and unless the children’s needs are being neglected there is nothing for the NCP to do.