Complicated child support issue

I am currently a staff sergeant in the army I have been paying 962.00 in child support for around 4 years. I am getting out of the army in June and will not have an income besides unemployment until I can find a job after moving. The child support was done through divorce decree when children were young and in day care. She has since remarried another SSG and had another child. do I file for a modification or file when I get to the state I am moving to since my child support is not in the system.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say your child support is ‘not in the system.’ Do you have an existing child support order or a separation agreement that addresses child support? If you have an existing order, you need to plan to file to modify child your child support. It won’t do any good to wait until you move to file, because if North Carolina is the home state of the minor children, North Carolina will have jurisdiction over the child support.