Confused about 1 year orders


If you have a temp custody/visitation order and it was done 1 yr and 1 month ago, how does it become a permenant order?

I have read a few post on this and am very confused.


It depends on what the order says. From your previous posts it appears as though your order was not written in such a fashion that it became permanent after a year as some orders do.



After the review of everything, our temp order is, ‘the order in hand’. He was contacted by his attorney to bring my son back ASAP. We meet tomorrow.

Okay now in saying this, I have another issue.

Our order states: the ex gets our son for 2 weeks in Sep, 2 weeks in Nov. In May we both agreed to combining those 4 weeks starting in June. With both of us thinking it would be best instead of him coming out here, then having to turn right around.

Well, last night he said that he want our son in Sept for two weeks. He wanted me to tell him what date he wanted to meet so he can have him. Is he freakin crazy! We had an agreement to combined them from June 26th to July 31st. Ex wants our son to take to a wedding. Promise’s made and another agreement for Aug 12th being home. We are now meeting Aug 30th to get my son back. Way over what not only we agreed on but what was ordered in court.

Do I have to turn around next weekend and hand over my son again, fearing that my son won’t be back on time again? That I will have to go through the same process of fighting to get my son back? I have documentation on all this agreed on between us both.


From your previous posts it seems that the order allowing him two weeks in September has expired.