Temporary to permanent child custody

A few months ago I posed a question regarding my temp. cust. order, which has been in place for nine plus yrs. One of our agreements; my son, now 11, can not be moved from the state w/out the others consent. My ex’s husband’s company is leaving NC and my ex wants to take our son to AZ. I’ve told her that I can’t give any consent. Now she has got a lawyer, trail date in Oct for permanent custody hearing, and I’ve been asked to give a deposition at her lawyers office.
Question, what’s the purpose, and legal use of this deposition? What or how can they modify our temp?
My ex and I have been a good to great terms the past nine years, I’ve always had my son 47% of the time, she has always said that she never wanted to seperate me from my son. I’d like to think that I don’t have any worries about losing my son. I’ve been unemployed/self employed for over a year, my wife’s job has kept us a float. My ex has unlimited money(family), can money buy court orders?

A depostion is a means to gather information prior to trial. Your testimony given at the deposition is sworn, and can be used in court at the hearing. Money cannot buy court orders, but can buy good legal representation. I strongly advise you to obtain counsel to represent you in this matter.

Our tempory custody order has been in place for 9+ yrs. One of the adjudged items was that the child cannot be takened or moved from the state w/out the others consent. Can that be altered/changed when we go to trail for a permanent child custody? If so, under what possible condition could a court do so?

The court could allow a move in the event the court found that an out of state move would serve the child’s best interests.