The day you seperated is the day you put. simple you must seperated 1 yr not on and off seeing each other, living in different dwellings and you can not stay over night at the home where you use to live if so this starts it all over.
You say that you want to file this yourself, I did and we both agreed to everything until she went crazy and got an attorney 18 months later and around $ 7000.00 wasted because she thought she can get more and turns out the sep we worte and the now court order are just about the same only I made out big time she had me in the worst way with that sep she had life time medical insurance that I had to pay but oh well she can not get it now.
What I am trying to say to you is write it up and get an attorney to look it over just one little miss wording can make a big problem and costly one to boot people change whats ok today will not be the next day and in a year lots can change trust me my now ex nows this and she hates it but thats how it gos.
I hope this helps you out oh the form is in the home page you cant miss it I used to but like I said have an attorney look at it for the few dollars its worth the piece of mind
Bye and good luck

Dear mdulaney:

Greetings. You use the last date that you separated as your date of separation, not the first. Thank you.

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My husband and I have seperated on and off for 4 years but we always have gotten back together and have never filed seperation papers but at this time I find it necessary to do so. If I can find forms I am going to try to do it myself cause we have agreed upon everything. I need to know which date to put on the papers for date of seperation? The first time we seperated?

Thank you