How long MUST you be seperated?

Dear amemoire,

You must be separated for a year and a day before you file for divorce. There is no way to shorten the process. I am not sure what your friend was alluding to when she said it would cost a lot of money if you waited, there is nothing I am aware of that would cause this.

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Does NC require, under all normal circumstances, for a couple to be seperated one full year before they can get a divorce?

My husband and I seperated last May. We were only married a few months, had no children and there were no property/finance issues…we had nothing in our joint names, not even a joint bank account. We sat down together and signed (and had notorised) a basic seperation agreement /property settlement that basically said no one was contesting anything, neither of us wanted alimony or spousal support, etc.

I was under the impression that all we had to do if everything was amicable was wait a year after our seperation date and go down to the court house, pay some sort of filing fee and file the papers for the absolute/final divorce. Is this correct? Or should I have filed the seperation agreement with the court as soon as it was signed?

I only ask because someone recently told me I was wasting my time and I should just “go down to the library and pick up a pack of papers and you can get divorced now, otherwise if you wait you’ll have to pay loads of money at court”.

I don’t think she knew what she was talking about as I’ve been pretty thorough in my research, but I could be wrong. Am I?