Consent Order for Sep Agreement?


STBX & I have Sep Agreement.
Her lawyer is pushing it be entered as a Court Order ?
She wants me to sign a Consent Order ?

What are the Pros & Cons to have my SA entered as a Court Order ?


An order can be enforced by the courts more readily than a contract in the event of breach. Having your agreement entered as an order also makes the alimony provisions modifiable. Without a complete understanding of your entire agreement, I cannot advise you as to whether you should have the Agreement incorporated into an agreement.


Without looking at my SA, are there some generic pros and cons you can cite ?
I did not know about the alimony one, that is good to know.


I cannot cite any more pros/cons without a true understanding of the agreement.


May I email it to you ?


Document review is beyond the scope of this forum. My advice is that you meet with an attorney for a review of the Agreement.