Separation agreement

If alimony is contained in an SA it is not modifiable per the agreement, it will not be modifiable as per the intent of the parties.

So, even if it is contained in a consent order AND is therefore enforceable through contempt or other court remedy, it still can’t be modified by the court? I don’t understand how it CAN be enforced by the court as a consent order but yet NOT modifiable by the court. How does the court have the ability to do one and not the other? Can you help me understand?

It is because the parties agreed that alimony would be non- modifiable, and the court will uphold that intent.

The court will enforce the termination provisions as they are written in the incorporated agreement.

I am not sure why there are two documents, but the Order would prevail.

Thank you for your responses and the service you provide through this site.

You are most welcome, I wish you the very best.