Upon your expert advice, (which I am most grateful for), I am attempting to prepare a contempt case to ex regarding his failure to pay for the health, dental, meds, etc. for our sons as was ordered per divorce agreement. This has occurred for the past 10 years. I assume I must be able to prove expenses, as I prepare my case…but my question to you is, how far back can I go regarding the costs? My youngest will be 18 in June, so I’m trying to rush this. I would have never known this was an option without your advice. I’d like to thank Rosen Law Firm. This forum has been more informative and insightful than my attorney and/or all the collection agencies I have told this to. I told ex of my plan, and he sent a tiny amount on a ck and subtitled it “for health insurance”. I havent cashed it. He dated it the day before the email that informed him of my intent. Very predictable…


The Statute of limitations for suing on an agreement under seal is 10 years. I would bring the check and all emails and communications you have about the contempt as far back as you can for the past 10 years. I am very happy you have found this service so helpful. You are most welcome to any family law advice I can provide on the forum.