Issue of contempt

My 2 sons’ father has ignored a court order to pay for their health insurance and all expenses including copays and meds, etc.
This has been done for years. The contract will expire in November of this year, at ten years.
The total is a lot of money, however, I am ill equipped to pay an attorney.
If I file in small claims to get the max, 5000.00, is there any way I can go back to small claims for another 5K?
The amount well exceeds 20K, but I would be very, very happy to recoup half.
Your advice and input is most appreciated on this site. I have relied on it heavily as I dig through the mud.
Thank you most kindly

Your best recourse would be a motion for contempt, but you could sue for arrearage in district court. You can’t go to small claims court. Contempt is your best option because the available remedies are much better.