Contest date of separation

My husband has filed for divorce but we have not been separated a year. He says neither of us will have to appear in court since he hired an attorney. I do not want to lie or sign falsified documents. What are my options? We have nothing to divide. I have not received the summons yet.

NOT an attorney*

You’re option is not sign anything, and if you are served with papers, then respond that the separation date is not correct.

Just so you know, if you falsify your separation date and later it is discovered, then the divorce is nullified and you would still be married. A legal mess, so do not under any circumstances lie about your separation date.

You should file an answer to the complaint, and state the correct date of separation. If he wants to move forward with the divorce hearing after that occurs, it will be considered a contested divorce, and you will have to have a hearing and present evidence of the correct separation date.