Contest Motion to Intervene


My ex has requested CSE become involved in our agreement because she is wanting more support money per month. Currently, I pay all the costs for the children except for food and extras at her house. We share custody 50/50 and I do pay her a monthly amount. I have never been late nor have the children gone without. There is a large disparity in income of about 80k. However, there has not been a sustantial or material change in mine or her income since the agreement. Can I contest the motion to intervene, motion to redirect? how do I do this?


not an attorney

Do you have a written, signed, notarized agreement? And if so, are you adhering strictly to the agreement? I ask because if you are not adhering to the agreement, CSE can and will enforce the written agreement. Even if you are adhering to the agreement, the other parent can have CSE enforce it for them. If you have only a verbal agreement, then CSE will open a case, determine the support, and then enforce it. So, if that amount is more than what was verbally agreed to, then they can increase it if the calculator determines that what you are currently paying is not enough.

What I am unsure of is if CSE can take a look at a written agreement and determine that it is not sufficient and alter the amount. And, child support can be revisited every 3 years with a 15% change.


We do have a written, notorized agreement. And yes I have been sctricly adhering to it. It does state that I would be responsible for private school for our daughter and I was for four years. However, the school she attended did not have a high school, so now she is in public school. The agreement did not specify an amount, just that I would pay.