Continued visitation issues


This issue has gone almost as far as I can take it and I need to know how or if I can even do something about it.

Starting in December my ex decided he no longer wanted to pick up or drop off our child at my home if I was not at work, so he forced the use of daycare for months even down to calling the police when I refused to take our child to daycare and I wasn’t at work. This went on for months until I told him I would ask for a child support modification and include the daycare expenses. For 1 week he picked up our son from my house without argument and due to the fact I was working the following monday he dropped off at daycare without argument.
Then last night when I sent a text saying our child would be home for pick up today and that I was working Monday to take him to daycare, suddenly he decided that he would no longer use the daycare and working or not says he will drop off at my house. When I said no one would be here, he said he was dropping him off here anyway. Our order does say my home or daycare.
Little garbage like this keeps going, no matter if I react calmly and state the facts, it’s still a continuous twist of the court order to suite whatever button he wants to push that particular week. And when I say that’s not what our order says, I get the wonderful statement…“It’s not your way”

I don’t know if I need to request a clarification and if so how do I do that?