Contradictory statements in consent order for custody?

My consent order contains the following statements, which appear to be condradictory:

  1. Neither party shall be allowed to enroll the children in a school outside of the children’s
    current school district without the express consent of the other parent.

  2. If either party desires to relocate more than 45 minutes but less than 90 minutes away
    from their current residences the parenting arrangement set forth in paragraph 3(a) shall remain
    in effect.

I am looking to move about 40 minutes away which would result in a change of school. With these statements, would it be possible that he would make me keep them in the same school even if I move into a new district as stated in #39?

Interpreting language in an order is beyond the scope of this forum. I cannot advise you on what this means without reviewing the Order myself. If you feel that the statements are contradictory, you can challenge it as such if you are ever brought into court for contempt on it at a later time.