Contributing to sexual behavior


I have a temporary order in place with physcial custody and every other weekend for my 14 year old daughter. My husband lives with his brother-in-law and gets my daughter every other weekend. I’ve discovered that he is allowing my daughter to go off with boys on dates. He also is permitting the boys to come over to his residence and sit around watching televison with my daughter. I’ve tried to talk to him about this but he tells me to go through my attorney about it. Well, I refuse because of the fact that the attorney is going to charge me for something I thought that we could come to an agreement about. My husband is a manipulator and controller and is teaching my daughter how to manipulate and control. I am trying to keep my sanity about this but he is trying to cause conflict and division between my relationship with my daughter. I work with women and children whom are victims of rape and molestation and do not want my daughter to make herself a target for date rape or sexual behavior. I’ve talked to my daughter and told her that I disapprove of going on dates and having boys at our home to visit her. She blew up at me and told me that her “Daddy” trust her to be with boys. Her father even buys her clothes that are too revealing and high heel shoes. Well, I confiscated the clothes and pumps and locked them up in my car for evidence that he is trying to exploit her . I’ve explained to her that she needs to stay cover up and asking for trouble wearing revealing clothes. I think she gets it about the clothes but this boy thing she doesn’t get. Does anyone know if a NC judge will take her father’s parenting skills - promoting early dating into consideration when deciding physcial custody of our daughter. Will this have any bearing on the custody issue since he is fighting me for physcial custody of her and the marital home?


They will probably ask her what she wants to do and listen to her. I would get her some protection because boys will be boys but you can’t always be there and I looked a lot older than 14 when I was that age too.