Family Court resources?


Hi there:

I tried to search through the forum to see if a similar question had already been posted but had no luck. Please direct me to a similar post if this type of question has already been answered. I’ll try to be brief:

I am divorced, have a Consent Order for Child Custody and have primary custody of my two children. Their dad lives in Colorado.

My children consistently recount disturbing incidents of emotional abuse by their dad and stepmother. They are afraid to return to Colorado. My daughter has been in counseling for almost a year because of this behavior which is escalating. While I know I must abide by the visitation schedule I drafted and agreed upon, I cannot in good conscience continue to send the children out for weeks of mental abuse.

Like most single parents, I do not have the income for an attorney. I make just too much to qualify for local legal aid programs because I’m working 2 jobs to make ends meet (insert sob story here about not receiving regular child support, either).

So, does anyone know if there’s a Family Court program which could aid us in this situation? Surely there is an organization who can step in on behalf of the children to protect them from this ongoing treatment? I’ve contacted DSS in Colorado but they suggest I hire an attorney to modify the visitation schedule. DSS in North Carolina has “no jurisdiction” when the kids are in Colorado.

How can they continue this for the next 8-12 years until they are both 18? At 7 and 10, they are exhibiting signs of emotional distress. It’s heartbreaking.

I left this man because of his abuse. I can’t bear to watch him do the same thing to my children.

So, if anyone knows of a program to help, someone who can intervene, please let me know. Thank you. I live in the Wake County area.


I am unaware of a specific program, but you could try contacting family law practitioners to see if anyone is offering pro-bono services at this time.

You can also consider filing a Motion to Modify Custody on your own, without a lawyer.

I sincerely wish you the best!