Could this help in asking for custody modification


My ex husband was granted primary custody of our 3 daughters who are in elelmentary school. However Ihave them much more than he does and even though there is no child support order I provide vast majority of their care financially. During the school year they spent mon, tues, and weds night with him, and thurs-sun night with me, Itook them to school mon mornings. They spent all their holidays with me and have only seen their dad 2 days this summer since school got out on june 7th. I bought all of their school supplies and refurnished them when needed, bought all supplies for projects and extra credits, paid for all the field trips, and attended all school functions and conferences. Ex had no involvement with the schooling unless it was to call to tell me one of the girls is sick and I need to get them cause he can’t. I take care of all their doctor, dental, optometry visits and buying glasses for my oldest, as well as their psychology and psychiatric appointments and takng them to their therapy classes for kids with developmental disabilities which include occupationals therapy, coping skills, self help, anger management, anxiety and speech therapy. Ex has not attended a single appointment with the kids. I feel its unfair he is the primary parent while I am the one who struggles to provide and care for the kids. Ex even has food stamps, gets almost $700 a month for the kids, yet when he had them he only gave them dinner mon-weds, they got breakfast and lunch at school, where with me I fixed them breakfast and dinner at my house and packed their lunches for school plus all weekend meals and snacks and all the time the kids are out of school. Ex makes signifigantly more than Ido, so not sure if a modification could be done, but if it can, would any of this have a factor in it? I’ve got the paperwork.where I’m the one who’s taking care of stuff for the girls and receipts for what I provide for them. Thanks!


It sounds like you may have the facts necessary to file a motion to modify child custody. If you are not following the current order, you should attempt to get an order that accurately reflects the custody schedule. You should also file an action for child support to have support awarded.