County divorce kits

Does all counties in North Carolina have Divorce kits you can get at the Clerk of Courts and if so how much is the approximate cost? Also I have been legally separated for over 12 yrs and I am on disability so I am on a tight budget so would this be the best way for me to go about getting a divorce.? I also wonder , since there is nothing to settle since all settlements were handled in the separation and it will be an uncontesteed divorce, how long will this process take since I am sure he will sign without any hassles?

An uncontested divorce can usually be completed in less than 60 days from filing, but it depends on a number of factors including how long it takes to get the other party served as well as available court dates.

I’m not sure what each county offers by way of divorce kits, but, if you’re attempting to proceed in court on your own, then you should refer to our divorce guide:

You may also find Rosen Online a useful resource. You can find more information about Rosen Online here:

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