Court date for support modification


I was in Scotland County so I do not know if that will make a difference. I was able to get my employer to give me a print out of my wages for a four month period. The Judge and DSS excepted this as proof of wages. If your child support goes thru DSS, trust me, they will already know how much you are making. Whenever I went in for a modification of support paper from DSS, they already had my wages on file and up to date. Thankfully, my support days are over!!!

Also, if you provide insurance on your children, make sure you have that amount handy also. Insurance for myself was mostly provided by my employer(I paid $7.00 a week for me) and I had to pay for the children’s extra at the rate of $77.00 a week for a total of $84.00. DSS wanted to split that in half saying half was mine and half for the remaining child. I had proof from my employer that I only paid $7.00 for me, therefore I was given credit for the $77. Saved me $35 dollars a week.


Hello, I am a non custodial father paying child support for the past 18 years.I have an upcoming court date for modification of support due to the fact that one of the two children has graduated high school and turned 18. My question is what would be acceptable forms of proof of current income to take with me? I would prefer to take some type of form filled out by my employer opposed to my check stubs if that would be acceptable. The case is in Person county. Thanks in advance for any advise!