I have been served with papers regarding a contempt of a contempt charge. Totally unfounded and I have proof to respond. The documents mention failure to contact non-custodial parent as required in the court order (a custody issue), but no date is given for this charge. Certain dates are required for contact. Do I just show up at court with my phone records and that will be enough? I don’t even know what dates are in question as they weren’t specified. Seems that should be mentioned.

Also, the motion specifies I am resonsible for the charges by the sheriff’s department to serve this motion. I received it in the mail, however, I’m not sure if another motion will be served via the sheriff. If I am found not in contempt, I am not liable for these charges, am I?

If I am not found in contempt, can I petition the court for the Plaintiff to pay loss of wages, travel costs (7 hour drive-gas money I don’t have) and false accusations? What are my rights?

You can and should bring your phone records to court to show you are in fact in compliance with the Order. If you are not in contempt you will not be assessed costs for the action.
You may file a motion pursuant to Rule 11 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil procedure and seek that sanctions ordered in the form of reimbursements.