Criminal conversation

WOW…this man is a WINNER! “Loves” his wife-yet has a 5 year long affair with you, has 2 kids with you and doesn’t want to support them?? Does his WIFE know he has 2 other children??? I bet she doesn’t, and he just doesn’t want to get busted by her…then he may owe MORE childsupport for his kids with her-cause she may leave him.

I say let him try to talk his current wife into suing you. I don’t think he has a case if he’s still with his wife (ie: she ‘forgave him’), PLUS he’d be admitting to adultry.

He owes his kids child support…ALL of them.

I agree w/ “needing answers”, this guy is real piece of work. Sounds to me as though he is trying to get out of paying child support for his children by you by intimidating/threatening you. I’ll bet his wife doesn’t know but in any case you need to get him to pay child support.

I’m tempted to agree with the last two posts. He is by law obligated to pay child support. And it sounds as though he’s threatening you so that you will back off. The wife is bound to find out about these two children and you (if she doesn’t already know) and it sounds as though he is trying to do whatever he can to keep that from happening. Yes, she has a case against you for criminal conversation because the children are “proof” that there was sexual intercourse between you and her husband while they were married, figured by the ages of the children. If she knows about the affair, then she has essentially forgiven him which means that she can not ask for alimony. Trying to get out of paying child support by threatening to sue is NOT going to look good on him. I suggest that you file for child support and see what happens. If his wife doesn’t know about you at all, he is going to have bigger worries than trying to get her to sue you.

The Husband cannot sue you for criminal conversation, only the Wife can. He may be able to convince his Wife to sue you, but that assumes she will still be speaking to him when she finds out he has two children with another woman.

Your bigger worry is alienation of affection, if you are the reason that these parties did not continue to have a happy marriage, then his Wife can sue you for Alienation of Affection. People have received substantial monetary awards for these law suits. However, in order to win a substantial award, it is likely you would have to have substantial assets, if not it is probably not worth the risk for her to sue you.

I cannot give you any assurances that you will not be sued for alienation of affection if you pursue child support, however you are legally entitled to child support and should be receiving it.

If you are still involved with this man, I would break it off now so that you mitigate your potential legal liability.

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A married man and I began a relationship when we both lived in New York State. The relationship went on for ~5 years. For the last ~one year, the man and his wife and first three children moved to and currently live in NC (job transfer)(our relationship DID carry over into the time the man relocated to NC). The man and I have two children together for whom he is responsible to pay child support. If he his forced to pay his child support, the man is threatening to have his wife sue me on the basis of criminal conversation. To this day, the man and his wife remain “happily married.”

Does this man and/or his wife have a case?