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I have been threatened with a AOE Suite and Criminal Conversion Suit simply because my friend’s husband is trying to bully his way through a favorable divorce agreement. Nothing has transpired between us but I am certain that he has photos of her leaving my house and he has had her followed and bugged her and his house, her car, and phone and intercepted her e-mails. She even found a GPS tracking device on her car and mine as well which we found and destroyed. He has hired multiple PI’s and has put her on notice that he is going to sue this guy (me). He is relentlessly trying to prove something has occurred that never has never happened nor will it ever happen. He is insistent that he will file suit which I guess is his right to do.

Is there a point were this becomes harassment? Also would someone that he did have an affair with who has come forward and offered to testify if needed be enough to help dispel his “innocent party” claim for the AOE. I know anyone can sue anyone for anything but at some point you have to prove your case or it goes nowhere. Do I have any recourse to sue him for damages and recoup legal costs for making false claims. Could this possibly be invasion of privacy for intercepting communications in transit as we caught him red handed by seeding them with false information that he repeated as fact. It wasn’t a false admission of guilt or anything just an alteration of benign facts that he now insists that he witnessed that we know never occurred because we made it up and documented it for the record.

as I’m sending this I hope her husband isn’t jrwj who posted the message above :wink:


Monkeyboy - You do not have to have sexual intercoarse for the lawsuit,of AOA… As you have admitted, it is clear you have participated in interfering with the marraige and have aknowledged the emotion distress you have caused him openly in front of him,That’s malice my friend… you are aware that what you are doing is bothering his marriage and you do not stop, sorry…I find you guilty if I was on the jury…


I call BS on that. All I admitted to was getting caught up in the aftermath of her deciding to leave him. I have done nothing to this guy. All I have done is help a dear friend out. We have been friends decades longer than they have been married and I have done nothing to break up their marriage or alienate her affection for him. Sure AOA is tough law to escape but there has to be limits as to what you can do to prevent people from helping somebody out. Even my wife and sister will testify that I have done nothing to hurt their marriage nor encourage her to leave him. In fact we have all told her to stick it out for the kid’s sake. Even when he threw her out in the street with nowhere to go we encoraged them to work it out. Now that he has gone insane it is a differnt story. This guy is creating drama and events where none existed just as a ploy to prevent her from seeking help from her friends. To turn having a family dinner with kids and friends where he was even invited but declinded to attend into some kind of illicit affair simply by having a photo of her car at my house is insane. We also know that he has tried to threaten another friend with an AOA suit in order to gain false testimony against us. Fortunatly he is sticking to his guns and refusing to lie for him. Eventually at some point if these threats become real they should be dismissed rather quickly for lake of evidence. I would hope.

So far all she has done is keep me informed of what he has been doing to her and letting me know that he insists that I will be sued because he swears we are having an affair. Aside from helping her find bugs and blowing off her PIs because she asked for my help I have done nothing with her nor to him. I swear the last time I saw her naked we were both 3 and my aunt was giving us a bath together. I’m sure he would like to use those photos against us as well. :wink:

As another point he has told my wife what he thinks in an attempt to cause friction between us. Fortunately she sees the truth first hand and is not buying it but if we eventually divorced I guess I could file suit against him.

I’m sure AOA liability does not extend to helping a one spouse avoid the harassing vendetta of another.


I wasn’t trying to upset you, When parents can be sued for AOA for interfering, Just be careful… My life is a mess about this subject and have I started writing my book…


Dear jrwj:

Greetings. No, you can sue a third party even while you and your wife are still living together. Thank you.

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I have determined that my spouse has committed adultery with a co-worker. We are currently still living together at this time as I have not communicated my documented discovery to my spouse.

Can anyone tell me if a formal seperation agreement must in place prior to bringing a criminal conversation and/or alienation case against a third party in NC? In general, what needs to happen?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.