Criminal Conversation

A woman approached me on Match dot com last June 2013. I ended up going out on a date with her where she told me that she had been separated and had moved out of her marital home six months prior. We saw each other for a period of five or six weeks. I too was legally separated in the state of North Carolina and was informed by my attorney that I could date other people. In that time apparently her x hired a private investigator and had photos taken of us leaving a movie theater holding hands, going back to my house, and leaving the next morning. She lived two hours a way so it’s completely believable she stayed on the couch so she wouldn’t have to drive all the way home but that’s besides the point. I broke up with her for other reasons and haven’t seen her since July. Last week I was served a summons and he’s apparently suing me for $25,000 for Alienation of Affection and Criminal Conversation.

I had a brief conversation with his attorney and told him not only did I not approach her as it states in the summons (which I showed him proof of the emails from
match)… but that he mentions in his summons that I approached her while they were still married and seduced her out of the home. That I am the soul reason they got divorced. That they slept together the day before she met me (which see unequivocally denies). I forwarded him the divorce decree that the woman supplied me with after hearing this and it states flat out that she moved out of the marital home back in December 2012 and that they hadn’t cohabited since that time. He swore to this under oath.

His attorney doesn’t seem to think that matters and is trying to say that she went back and forth between her new house and her old house during that year and that he wouldn’t have been lying to say that they hadn’t been living together.

I know on your website it clearly states that they would have had to have been living together happily married for Alienation of Affection to apply… but his attorney is stating that that’s not the law in South Carolina where they live (even though I only saw her in North Carolina) and that in S.C. as long as she was married and not divorced that I committed at the very least criminal conversation and they’re suing me for $25,000.

I’m assuming this is pretty cut and dry and they either have an iron clad case or they have nothing at all depending upon how you interpret whatever state law applies… If someone could simply tell me if they have any case at all and whether or not I should even retain an attorney or not I would greatly appreciate it. If I do need to retain an attorney will I be able to counter sue for attorney fees? And if so will I get them?

Anything at all you could do to help me on this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

Anyone? I was told an attorney would respond within 24-48 hours?

Based on your other post today, it appears that since you originally posted your question, you came into our office for a consultation. I imagine that you covered these questions in your consultation, but the attorney with whom you consulted will follow up with you individually. It is our standard practice to make sure all your questions are answered, including any follow up questions.