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Do I have to pay my ex anymore then what the child support agreement is? My ex expects me to pay child support and then split everything else, sports for two kids, bday party gifts, half co-pay. I will buy clothes and shoes for the kids as well. What legally am I responsible for? And what exactly is child support suppose to cover? I hear different things from different people.

Support is intended to cover your share of the child’s reasonable needs which presumably includes the items your ex is seeking more money for. Unless the agreement specifically states you have an obligation to contribute to these other items you need not do so as your support contribution is meant to cover these items as well.

Erin, forgive me for asking but my ex continues to argue that not only do I have to pay the minimum required amount, but I have to pay half of co-pays, any medical expenses like braces, etc. She keeps harping on the medical aspect of things. I told her all I had to pay was what the state required. But I said what I would do is pay $1000 a month (which is about $180 less then what the minimum is, give or take from which form you look at or use) plus split all sporting cost, after school programs and now I said I would split braces. Then I said, if that amount falls short at the end of the year for $180 x 12 months, that I would give her that amount due. She is arguing that I should pay the $1180 plus braces and co pays and any other medical expenses that come along. Kids are on her insurance. So do I have to agree to anything more then the $1180 a month? No matter what it is or what happen to the kids? I dont want this to sound like I am not giving, cause I already give her $1000 a month and split all other cost of the kids from extra curriculars to sports to gifts to clothes, to supplies to basically everything, I mean they are my kids. But I think she is trying to take me for a ride. So what legally do I have to give her.

Thank you again.

You do not have to pay for any of the items you mention unless your order specifically states that you have to share in such expenses.

My ex husband and myself did our child support agreement in 2006. Since then one of our 2 children is moved out and in college. The second child lives with me full time.I have been laid off from my job for 1.5 years now.I recently found out that my ex husbands income has increased almost 50%. What can I do to get child support amended based on his new income? Like I said I am unemployed and do not have any extra to fight this with attorneys. Is there another option?? Also if I use your calculator on your website…do I still put in two children or just one since one is now in college??

You don’t need an attorney to file for a modification of child support. Yes, you can use the free online child support calculator on this website to see what the new statutory amount would be under the NC guidelines. It would be one if one child is already 18 and graduated from high school.