Uncovered Medical Expenses

My divorce, child support, and child custody has been finalized for over a year now. I, of course provide child support for my 2 children and also pay their medical insurance premiums. I was just told by my ex that my oldest daughter needs braces and that I needed to cover half of the cost. This is not a requirement according to the order and these type of expenses are not addressed. My question… is there any way I can be held responsible for these charges or can she take this issue to the court to get me to cover half. I feel I already do my part with CS and medical insurance and she is barely doing anything to take care of them. She is living on govt assistance and refuses to work because she is pursuing a career in show biz that is going nowhere and is not benefiting my children.


Child support is meant to cover the paying parents share of reasonable needs. Unless your order or agreement states that you have to contribute to specific additional expenses, you do not have to. It will be up to you about whether you want to assist in providing these things to your children.