Paying for children's needs

My spouse does not work and will have at least partial custody of the children. I’ll be paying child support and alimony. So, when the children need clothes, school supplies, or have an ear infection and need a prescription, am I required to pay any or all of it, or should my spouse pay for it out of the child support I pay? And if so, how much?

What are the details of your child support order?

Your spouse needs to take care of clothes/school supplies for the times that the kids are with them, but you may also need to buy your own clothes for when the kids are with you. Usually non-insured medical costs are split amongst the parents either 50/50 or by percentage of obligation. Most costs for extra-curricular only need to be paid for if you agree to pay for it.

Child support is intended to cover the children’s reasonable needs including housing, food, clothing school supplies, ect. The court may order that uninsured medical expenses be divided by the parties.