What all does child support cover?


I’m not yet receiving child support, but when I do get it what all does it cover? Our SA (not yet signed) says that we’ll use % of income to determine payment for uninsured medical costs, but what about clothes, bday presents for the kids’ friends, various expenses at school, etc.


Child support covers everything from a portion of life necessities (shelter, food, clothes, etc) to the things that you listed. Our rule of thumb for friend’s birthdays is that whoever’s weekend the party falls on, that parent will supply the gift.


Child support is meant to cover the non-custodial (or secondary custodial) parent’s share of the children reasonable needs. This includes the children’s clothes, share of household expenses, food and other basic needs. It is common to pay uninsured medical expenses according to each parent’s pro-rata share of income and to split the cost of extra curricular activities as well.