CS - Extraordinary Expenses

Hi and thank you.

I’m trying to best “guesstimate” child support until there can be a formal agreement. I have a question about the extraordinary expenses related to transportation.

The custodial parent and children are in NC.

The non-custodial parent lives in MD, with a 6-hour drive each way to see the children.

For now, until there is a formal agreement, visitation requires that the non-custodial parent to drive to NC for each visit (approx. monthly), which costs between $100 and $150 round trip just for gas. Additionally, there are the expenses of hotels, eating out, movies, bowling, etc.

From what I’ve read, at least the gas costs fall under “extraordinary” expenses as laid out for NC CS Calculators.

My question is, are any of the additional costs (hotel, food, etc.) “allowed” to be factored in as extraordinary expenses?

Thank you so much.

Yes, a court may consider travel expenses and lodging which are incurred for the purpose of visitation.