Child support - extraordinary expenses

  1. I see on the child support sheet the line item for extraordinary expenses has an example of transportation costs between the parents homes. What value should that be calculated at? Gas only? or the IRS allowed amount which also factors in wear and tear on the car, etc. (Not usually a big deal, but I drive 1,600 miles a month to pick up/drop off my kids). Is this often included in the child support calculations? or rarely?

  2. Also, is any consideration given for having to have a larger apartment to have a suitable place for the kids? I could live in a 1 bedroom apartment, but need a 3 bedroom (minimum) for when the three kids are with me. Is the difference in rent factored in at all usually?

Thanks for any help. I’m making every support payment like clockwork, but she has started making noises about needing more money (due to her poor spending habits which have continued post-divorce) so I just wanted to know, in advance, the correct way to calculate the support, in case she follows through with requesting a recalculation.

You might be able to re-coup expenses related to transportation costs. The court can include travel expenses as an extraordinary expense in the calculation of child support, so you might consider asking for this if she files for modification. Child support is intended to help the receiving party provide for the children’s needs, including a portion of the cost of housing, utilities, etc. Since both of you are presumed to have housing which will be adequate for the number of children you have, the court factors that into the child support amount which each of you are deemed to be paying toward the care of the children.