Extraordinary Expense-Mileage

My ex left in '05. We had a 50/50 joint and legal custody of our two kids until this summer. Our daughter has always stated she wanted to live with me. When she turned 12 we preceded to make that happen. She is now with me except every other weekend. We did have to take that to court. Im the end her mother finally agreed.
In '06 I was notified by my ex that she was moving a county away and that she would be enrolling the kids in that school system. I didn’t agree but didn’t feel like I could say anything.

I’m now going to support modification( I pay support to her) based on my daughter being here most of the time. Last time we went for modification I was told by DCSE that me having to take them and pick them up from a different counties school system wasn’t revelent. Its seems to me that it should be taken into account. That school(where my son still goes) is a 50 mile trip from home to his school then back to my work. TWICE a day. He still has 10 years of school left. What are my options? Is there a statute I can print and take with me to DCSE?
Also since I have my daughter now we have joint legal custody and I have primary physical custody. Is her mother responsible for half of any expenses? She doesn’t even want to pay half of small things i.e school lunch?


You can argue the transportation costs are an extraordinary expense for you and that they should be included in the child support calculation. You can read more about these expenses in the text of the child support guidelines.

Support will be based on a worksheet C to account for your daughter living with you and your son living with his mother.

I’m sorry I didn’t make myself more clear. My son still splits his time between us. 7 days here 7 days at his moms. Joint legal and physical custody. That makes it worksheet B,right?
Also would I have to argue it in court or just with CS?

Yes, it is a Worksheet B. If the case is handled by CSE let your caseworker know.