The plaintiff filed a contempt motion a few months ago for the late CS and also found a couple smaller items from 2014 plus an outstanding bill.
At the end of February because economic hardship I filed a motion to modify CS reducing it temporarily which I have paid. I was all caught up by mid March and satisfied all outstanding items on contempt motion. I’ve been in regular contact with plaintiff’s attorney on this.
In the interim the plaintiff incurred significant optional expenses for the children (presenting me the bill) without discussing it with me (violation of custody order) and Plaintiff filed a second contempt motion for the full CS due from March onward which I had filed the motion to reduce. (I know she has this right). Plaintiff also added the children’s optional costs. I had filed a contempt motion regarding these costs soon after I got the bill as it was never discussed.

The plaintiff’s attorney asked the judge agree to schedule and hear both their first and second contempt motions on the same date. The judge granted the request. I submitted to calendar my contempt motion for this same date. I have asked Plaintiff’s attorney for a dismissal of items on first contempt motion as they are all satisfied. Plaintiff’s atty based on interrogatories thinks I owe more CS - preparing a settlement offer. Based on this does Plaintiff have the right to ask for something in the upcoming hearing not specifically listed on the two contempt motions if we do not negotiate a settlement?


The only thing that should be addressed at the contempt hearing is the motions for contempt. The judge should limit the scope of the hearing to what is relevant to the contempt motions.