Custodial parent denying visitation after court

A “temporary” agreement was signed before court in front of a mediator. Custody/visitation was decided on in court. Because the child was kept from me previously I was told I could have them after something was signed. However, I’m being told I still can’t get them because they haven’t received the order in hand from court. I find it very strange that as she says, her lawyer has advised her first to not allow any visitation before the court hearing because nothing was signed (when I wasn’t fighting custody just one thing in the visitation schedule) and now again because she doesn’t have the order from the court date. What can I do if anything?

It’s difficult for me to follow the facts of your case. If parties go to mediation and come to an agreement, they rarely go to court. If the parties have a hearing, the court order usually begins immediately, but a court order is not enforceable until it has been filed with the court. It sounds like the other party is just using any excuse to withhold visitation. If you are waiting for an order from the court, you should contact the clerk’s office to see if there is anything you can do to expedite the process.