Custody agreement and school assignment

Ethically I can’t advise you to defraud anyone or anything. However, you should be fine in regards to the stability of the custody agreement. But as a precaution you could ask your ex to draft an amendment stating custody won’t change regardless of the school district your son attends. Don’t confuse my general suggestion regarding the custody agreement with any type of condonation of falsely stating your son’s address for purpose of choosing a school. I’m not particularly familiar with the specific law regarding what is permissible for claiming an address, but maybe there’s a way to do it. Good luck.

I have a 12 year old custody agreeement providing me with primary custody and standard visitation (Weds , every other weekend) for my children’s father. My son has attended private school but would like to attend a public high school next year. Based on the proposed redistricting for Wake County I am no longer assigned to Broughton, which is the school he would like to attend. His father is in the Broughton district. I would like for his father to register him for school without a change in the custody agreement. Should/can I get a legal document to state no change to the agreement based on the school registration?

P.S. My ex husband and his wife are both attorneys. Although we have had a very cordial relationship and they have been able to see my son whenever they would like (well above what the agreement states) I would like to exercise every caution.