Primary Address Concern in regards to school district

We have joint legal/physical custody. I am the primary and he is the secondary according to our child custody order. I have always held the primary address with WCPSS. Now he is suggesting we change it to his now that our son is entering middle school so that they will be provided transportation. In doing so, I will not be provided transportation and also this will put him in their district according to their address. How should I respond to their request to change the address because I don’t think I have too and I don’t think it would be in my son’s best interest to do so? I also do not want to come across as rude or unfair to them. But they moved out of the school district on their own free will.

Look at who is in the better school district for your child and use that address, or if it’s yours, use it as an argument as to why the child should remain in that address. There are places on the web that will tell you average test scores and basically rate the schools. Use that information (or send the email link for it if you need to make the argument that the child should remain where he is).