Custody and SA details

We signed a SA last year and have now filed. Within the SA, it stipulates that she will pay medical expenses (co-pays, Rxs…) and me medical insurance premiums. Additionally, she is to receive both children for tax purposes. There are also no provisions for college or other expenses (cars…). We are now working to change custody/support and both agreeing that joint is appropriate.

She would also like an addendum with me paying for half of all expenses (med, dental, car and college). I may be willing, but I want one of the children to claim for taxes. She is unwilling to agree to that.

Now for my question… Could I be forced to pay half of med/dental expenses if the SA clearly spells out that is her obligation?

If you are moving to modify child support all items can be and should be erevaluated.

Thanks. Since child support will be modified, so can the other expenses (and tax deductions) in the SA? I guess I thought the SA was firm, except for custody/support unless we BOTH agreed…

Since the SA is incorporated into your divorce, it is a court order and you may file a motion to modify support as you could with any court order on support.