Custody - Can a Father get 50/50?

STBX refuses to allow me to see my children.
Except for a ‘crumb’ here or there.

I want 50/50 custody as my children deserve to have a father as much as a mother.
Especially when the mother is doing everything she can to keep the father out of our children’s lives.

I finally filed custody last month and we’ll see a judge in March.
Is the best I can hope for ‘every other weekend plus a night during the week’ ?

Is there Any chance to get 50/50 custody or at least something between that and the every other weekend ?

50/50 is absolutely a possibility, more and more father’s are seeking and being awarded larger amounts of time with their children.

Was awarded full custody in September of 2009. Be sure to keep records of anything and everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Keep track of when you talk to your children, days and times and for how long. I invested in a small phone recorder for calls I had with the ex. Be at every single school event that you’re invited to go to. Visit the teachers often, email teachers often. Be as involved as you can possibly be (but only if that’s how you plan to be if you receive the custody schedule you’re seeking). Good luck.