Custody/guardianship issue

If birth mother is in agreement, maybe you could adopt the child. The birth mother could still be involved in the child’s life, but you would have legal status as his mother. Just a thought.

Not interested in doing adoption. It would mess up the child’s social security for disability.

Then you need to provide more details, I saw nothing about a disability in your first posting. Someone is going to have to give up something, it seems. If your ex is the father and refuses to accept parental rights, then that means the only other obstacle to your cause is the biological mother. It would seem that you could ask her permission (and she seems OK with the idea) to continue to raise the child; if you truly needed insurance for him, you can take out a policy on him without being a parent–but you would need legal guardianship to make medical decisions for him. Would your ex try to gain custody of the child if he were confronted with a paternity test? If not I would try to convince the biological mother to compel him to do so, and if he is employed with available insurance, the state requires him to carry such insurance on his children.

Hi- I desperately need help. I have been to several attorneys who have refused to take my case. I am raising my stepchild since birth (14 yrs). My ex has denied being the father. Bio mom is in agreement with me to continue to raise child. How can I get custody or guardian over this minor child? The last attorney I spoke to said DSS would have to get involved and I might lose the child if DSS decided to take him. I have been the sole supporter of this child since he was born. My main concern now is that I can not get him medical treatment if he was to get injured or get him a passport for travel.