Custody Jurisdiction


I have custody of my two children, this was granted in Ohio. Their father has supervised visitation and resides on Ohio. My children and I live in North Carolina and they moved here six months ago, after custody was awarded. I need to know what I can do to change the jurisdiction to North Carolina from Ohio so he cannot keep me in court in Ohio until my kids are 18 like he says he will do.


North Carolina likely has jurisdiction to issue custody orders now that the children have lived in the state of North Carolina for the last 6 months. This means that any motions involving the Ohio custody order (contempt motions, motions to modify, etc.) can be heard in North Carolina. However, you must have your Ohio order registered in North Carolina first.

You must file a Petition for Registration of Foreign Child Custody Order and a Notice of Registration of Foreign Child Custody Order in the county in which you reside in order to begin the registration process. You can access these forms on the North Carolina Court System website.